Courtney Sennish in /digital room/

Note by Guest Juror Dorothy Santos
Monuments don’t need to be large in scale or conceived for the general public. They can be quiet, contemplative, and even the antithesis of memorialization. Monuments can be moments from everyday life, in the way sennish suggests in her work. The moments captured in her work are reflections of the San Francisco urban landscape that make me miss walking around the City’s streets to look at what may have inspired her. The markers and indicators of the urban environment are familiar but made abstract. They are rendered function-less and force the viewer to reimagine the materiality of the landscapes they are derived from.

Project Statement
A flip book is an early form of interactive media. The linear stories accumulate through slow subtle shifts from page to page that when moved quickly become cinematic.
I am exploring how the built environment impacts our sense of place through depictions of shadows and nature. When filmed, the book medium renders a strange viewing experience much like the time we are existing within now.