A Better Life For The Workers (I)

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A Better Life For The Workers (I) was originally an internal training manual for activists working with and educating factory workers in Shenzhen, developed by Hong Kong-based NGO Worker Empowerment throughout the early 2000s. More widely published in Chinese in 2013, the manual describes and analyzes the psychological, political, and legal issues shaping industrial work life in modern China. This book is a re-publication of the original Chinese version alongside a 2021 English translation, designed by Liu to reflect themes of hiding in plain sight, and dissolving visibility. These themes speak to the fate of the labor activists and NGOs, increasingly dire since 2019.

Proceeds will go to Chinese labor organizers and activists.

  • Translation of Hong Kong-based NGO Worker Empowerment’s publication of the same title, printed in tandem with Chinese language original. All visual elements by Jen Liu.
  • Published in 2021 by ARIEL PRESS, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Artist book, edition of 500

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