Most Dismal Swamp
MUSH, 2022-2023
site-specific installation including digital video, projection, TV monitor, vinyl prints and stickers, metal fence, spray painted found couch
Dimensions variable
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Video credits: Curated + Directed by Most Dismal Swamp
Edit and FX by Most Dismal Swamp and Stephen McLaughlin
Semelparous installation by Joey Holder
Unreal Engine 5 world and Exudater installation by Samuel Capps
MUSH collages by Lou Shafer
Blender animations by Aquabubz
Blender wall decal by Tissue Hunter
Additional 2D graphics and animated typography by Post Cyberparamo
3D animated figures by Olia Svetlanova
Silicone garments by vvxxii and Johanna Invrea
DOOBIE WEB 2009 Sweatshirts by Iain Ball
Jewellery by Timothy Gasbarro
Sculptures by Hannah Rose Stewart, Agnieszka Szostek, Yiming Yang, Sian
Fan, Laura Costas
Spirit’s Gravity drawings by Matt Cangiano
Choreography by Most Dismal Swamp and Laila Majid
Performers: V Shetsova, Luke Magill, Furi, Lora Angelova, Susanna Husebø
Camera by Julia Brown
Words by Most Dismal Swamp
Music by FRKTL
Mathew Kneebone
Are You in the Dark? You Are Not Alone, 2023
industrial relays, breakers, wires, fixings, single-board computer, LCD module, modem, resin prints, laser-cut steel, LED modules, laptop, electricity
Dimensions variable
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Fault Radio
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