Jerome Tavé in /digital room/

Note by Guest Juror Dorothy Santos
The Re-earthing Lost Data Since 2880 work by Jerome Tavé piqued my curiosity immediately. The overall aesthetic shows deftness in image-making, symbolic systems, and crafting a narrative found in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. During these uncertain and precarious times, it’s necessary for us to find ways to break from the way we look at systems and objects. His work engages with the tropes of scientific documentation and plays with the deep-seated ideas we have about science, the archive, and empirical knowledge. I found myself craving for more data to be reimagined through Tavé’s collection of stories and images of a distant future of lost data, fragmented typographies, and digital artifacts.

Project Description
Jerome Tavé presents this series in the form of an archaeological publication from the end of our current millennium, published by a fictional group known as “The Decentralized Network for Data Recovery and Deep Internet Mining”. In this narrative, the group is focused on “re-earthing lost data” by searching the depths of abandoned databases and presenting findings from the data fragments they are able to find.
The publication reports on new findings from the global community, and this edition is focused on spiritual artifacts. Recovered evidence of spiritual practices or artifact data, reveal observations about humanity, and how spirituality was being practiced by different groups, both globally, and locally.
Jerome uses protopian futurism to explore ideas around geographical borders, ecology, community, digital afterlife, ceremony, and other spiritual concepts.