Collin Pollard in /digital room/

Note by Guest Juror Dorothy Santos
In reviewing Pollard’s series, Counter Balance, I recognized an old neighborhood from the time I lived in San Francisco. The imagery was undeniable, but Pollard’s deconstruction and reconstruction of architectural elements ıand insular pockets of an urban landscape gave way towards a new way of seeing this place. Although my mind knows, logically, certain contours and edges would not and could not match up in real life, Pollard’s work tells my visual perception and mind otherwise. There is a cleverness in the ways he has played with shapes that look so deceptively simple but are rather complex in their configuration. His compositions are a welcome reprieve from everyday media images.

Artist Bio
Collin Pollard is a visual artist currently based in San Francisco, CA. While his work crosses different mediums, his current practice incorporates primarily photography, sculpture and collage. He is interested in documenting our built environments and creating three-dimensional photographs of urban spaces. In his work, there is a continuous push and pull between where the two-dimensional space begins and the three-dimensional space ends. He’s interested in exploring the line between sculpture and photography, as well as a conversation around what constitutes as a photograph, especially during a time when images are ubiquitous.