Outdoor Party with HydeFM DJs
Saturday, April 1, 2023 at 3-6pm
Location:/(Slash) 1150 25th st, Building B, San Francisco 94107
This is a free event and registration is not required

Please join Slash and Cloaca Projects on Saturday, April 1, 2023, for the first public program accompanying the exhibition through the electric grid promised land…, currently on view in Slash’s main gallery. The afternoon will feature a special DJ set by HydeFM, with DJs Anya and Skyler Redondo, from 3-6pm.

Anya is a musician/DJ from San Francisco and 1/2 of Loveshadow. She is a lifelong music obsessive and a singer-songwriter who has composed and performed in various sound mediums. Her show on HydeFM, Arc Measuring, is a monthly collection of moods, a dancing orb in the distance. Arc Measuring explores groove, downtempo, experimental, jazz, strange pop, and much more.

Skyler Redondo is a San Francisco-based DJ with a number of shows at different venues around the city under their belt. Some of those venues include Public Works, Great Northern, Monarch, and some more intimate spots such as Underground SF and Phonobar. Skyler’s show on HydeFM, Back 2 Life, is a broad spectrum of dance music ranging from house and disco to techno and electro.

Cocktails will be provided by Dérive, Charlie Leese’s recently launched botanical whiskey. The brand name and concept for the whiskey were inspired by the Situationist International’s intentional urban wanderings. A dérive (English translation “to drift”) is one’s deliberate excursion from normal paths of travel, whether to break the rut of daily navigation or to examine a new space previously inaccessible. Drawing from traditional distillation processes, Dérive is a wild diversion in American whiskey, blending Kentucky Straight Bourbon, California Rye, and botanical distillate composed of 8 botanicals chosen to compliment the whiskey profile.