Transsaulted Circles: Housewarming
Feb 27, 2022 | Click here for recording of event

Transsaulted Circles is an evolving, collaborative VR project created by artist Judit Navratil on the occasion of her exhibition Transsaulted Circles in Szívküldi Lakótelep: a VR Social Housing Neighborhood, organized by and taking place across two spaces: Mehringplatz 20 in Berlin and /room/ in San Francisco. Visitors to each space, along with anyone else who wishes to participate, can add to Transsaulted Circles, which is part of a larger, multi-layered project, Szívküldi Lakótelep (szívküldi= heart-sent, lakótelep=social housing neighborhood), that artist Judit Navratil has been developing since 2018.

Judit Navratil will give an online guided tour of the growing Transsaulted Circles VR neighborhood in Mozilla Hubs on Sunday, 2/27/22 at 10am PST and be in conversation with Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelova of Mehringplatz 20 and Maxine Schoefer-Wulf of /room/.

Judit Navratil’s work is on view in /room/ until March 26, 2022.

This event is co-organized Mehringplatz 20 in Berlin.