Magic is a creative agency from New York city offering the best minimal design out there.

We feel at home
Magic is a place we feel like home.
We are creative people
We are creative people, at least that's what we like to think...
We LOVE to work on your project
Relax, we don't like to work on your project, we LOVE to!

About The Agency

We are a digital creative agency located in New York. Every day starts with brilliant ideas, an ice cold club-mate and empty laptop batteries. We are passionate about creating brand experience with value. We operate with different marketing channels, always using the newest technology. Everything started on a dusty couch in a student flat share. Today we work in an inspiring atmosphere in an old malt brewery in Brooklyn.





Featured Projects

Hannah Greely / Calvin Marcus

Design is…

design, video


design, minimal

Passion & Photography


Couture box

minimal, product

Sleek and Simple

design, luxury

Casual branding

branding, seaside

Good design

braun, minimal

Designer Tools



branding, design

We are more then happy to help you out. Are you ready to move forward?

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