Santino Gonzales in /digital room/

Note by Guest Juror Dorothy Santos
Gonzales’s work invokes an irrefutable, deep poetics between different modes of technology, both ancient and modern. From radio transmissions to the materiality of adobe, his work gestures us towards a multi-dimensionality beyond our lived (human) experience. His configurations beg viewing and attention. Even before delving into his body of work, I suspected his interest in multisensorial experiences due to the meticulous nature of his sculptures. In particular, I was impressed by his work experiments in vertical space T-003.2019 which synthesizes, through moving image, poetics, and sound, his conceptions of Gloria Anzaldúa’s borderlands and how we traverse third space.

Artist Bio
Santino Gonzales is an artist from New Mexico who explores the relationships between Ufology, radio, and adobe to investigate broader cultural attitudes regarding the fear of alienation and the desire for connection. He builds artworks across media that seek to function as beacons, broadcasting expansive definitions of borders, and the alien.
Gonzales received his BFA from the University of New Mexico in 2012 and will be receiving his MFA from California College of the Arts in 2020. Tino is currently working out of California, building adobe, making crop circles, and transmitting secret radio stations.