Brendan Page in /digital room/

Note by Guest Juror Dorothy Santos
In the challenging time we all find ourselves in, I found Page’s work to be a refreshing response to the digital selves we might live out through our avatars, whether we’re playing video games or creating videos and selfies of ourselves to pass the time. His work for /room/ allows viewers to imagine architectural space and landscapes of Northern California, specifically the East Bay that, for the time being, can only be experienced by the residents themselves. His renderings welcome a viewer to both imagine and escape. They’re a reprieve from the physical and surreal surroundings of our lived experience.

Artist Bio
Brendan Page is an audio engineer, illustrator, and projectionist for music venues around the Bay Area and a cofounder of Oakland art collective Mutual Stores. Most recently he has been interested in recreating public spaces as 3D renders and transforming places into malleable objects. Using software that makes 3d objects out of images in photographs, he has been experimenting with which spaces can be “captured” by using Google Maps and other resources to scan full city skylines.

*Visit here to view Brendan Page’s Farther Afield project.*