Artists of Spirit & Flesh in Conversation
Co-moderated by Zoé Samudzi and Sam Vernon
With artists Sydney Cain, Hung-Lun Chen, Ricki Dwyer, Charles Lee, Gregory Rick, and Hannah Waiters
August 22, 2021 | 11:00am PST | Click here for recording of event

“Deep within the spirit and flesh of my being, the fretting breath of Ancestor guides the burning faith. Sacred are the visions ingrained like gleaming sermons, preached far beyond the face of my nights. Give me the courage to know the things of life, that I may be worthy of my place. Above all, teach me to share the gifts.” — John Outterbridge

On the occasion of the exhibition Spirit & Flesh, please join writer Zoé Samudzi and artist, educator, and curator Sam Vernon as they engage in conversation with the artists of Spirit & Flesh.

Spirit & Flesh is on view at / until October 2, 2021