Brett Amory in /digital room/

Note by Guest Juror Dorothy Santos
While I’m accustomed to viewing work, oftentimes and for the first time, digitally, I wanted to experience Amory’s work in its physical iteration. As I watched and marveled at the video for his work Making Simple Sublime, I was deeply impressed with how he explores ideas connected to human observation, imitation, and a double-seeing. I have never wanted to be in physical space the way I did when viewing his work. While a lived experience may not be possible at the moment, the glimpse he provides us provokes a questioning of one’s senses in a way that both intrigues, puzzles and demands repeated viewings.

Artist Bio
Brett Amory was born in Chesapeake, VA and has lived and worked in the San Francisco area since 1996. He received his MFA in Art Practice at Stanford University in 2020 and received a BFA from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco in 2005. Brett bases his multidisciplinary practice on the intersection of quotidian and habitual engagements with the world. His work considers moments in visual perception that precede interpretation and uses everydayness as a vehicle for extending the familiar into the realms of the unfamiliar. His work has been shown both nationally and internationally including the National Portrait Gallery (London), the National Portrait Gallery (Scotland), Fort Wayne Museum (Indiana) and Jewish Museum of Art (San Francisco). He was also an artist in residence at de Young Museum (San Francisco) in 2017.

*Please visit here to access the virtual tour of the installation*