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Edition of 15 catalogue bundles, featuring editioned art objects by Kota Ezawa, Morgan Fisher, Hannah Greely, Mimi Lauter, Calvin Marcus, Natani Notah, Mitzi Pederson, and Sean Raspet, including unique and signed artworks. Learn more about each contributed editioned art object here.

Each bundle also includes the 6 catalogues that accompanied Slash’s inaugural year of exhibitions, curated by Drew Heitzler, designed by Tuğçe Evirgen Özmen and printed by Colpa Press in San Francisco.

As we mark our five-year anniversary, this bundle celebrates our first year of programming and how far we’ve come thanks to our community and collaborators. Proceeds from all bundle sales will go toward our future programming, which continues to be guided by collaboration and curatorial and artistic experimentation.

Catalogues included in the bundle:

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